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We are the only dental office in New Mexico that relies on a proven, science-backed approach to provide lasting relief from chronic sleep problems as well as jaw, head, and neck pain.

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Dr. Jariwala began her career as a general dentist and she wanted to do more to help people before their sleep issues and chronic pain took a serious toll on their lives. Today, she has combined her general dentistry experience with additional sleep medicine and TMJ training so, her dental patients can achieve the comfort and health they deserve.

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“I faced challenges for many years due to sleep apnea and finding a solution has been a challenge. I was issued a face mask by the VA, but the mask was difficult to acclimate. I received a referral to the Center for Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ of New Mexico a few months ago through the VA. From the very start of the process (QMS) to onboarding with Dental Sleep Medicine, I was impressed. The staff is very friendly and professional; furthermore, Dr. Jariwala is a subject matter expert in her field of study. After going through their process for a sleep apnea mouthpiece, and a few months later, I can sleep all night. There are too many benefits to list here; however, I highly recommend Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ of New Mexico for sleep or mouth-related challenges you may be experiencing.”

| Paul E., Albuquerque, NM

“I've had an excellent experience here at the Center for Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ of NM! I have mild sleep apnea and also TMJ and I've gotten very good results from the devices and recommendations that Dr. J and her staff have given me! I love that I don't have to use a CPAP machine to get a good night's sleep, just a special mouthguard, and I feel rested and energetic! I highly recommend this place, the staff, and doctor are very professional and pleasant!”

| Santiago C.., Rio Rancho, NM

“Exceptionally good service! Tech Arinda and Dr. Jariwala listened carefully to my many years of using an OSAS oral appliance. Then they crafted a new appliance with added features I'd never experienced before. Fits comfortably.

Result: I am sleeping well through the night without snoring (no more annoying my wife). Thank you!”

| Michael S., Santa Fe, NM

“I give Dr. J and Center For Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ an A+. I needed something to stop snoring or my wife would not allow me to travel with her anymore. I tried several remedies that didn’t work. Eventually, I bought an anti-snoring mouthpiece online that helped my snoring. However, it was too large and uncomfortable to wear all night. Dr. J made a mouthpiece that is custom fitted for me. It is easy to wear all night. My prior normal “snore score” was above 50. When I wear the mouthpiece, it is between 1 to 4.”

| Bill D., Santa Fe, NM
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Problems like snoring and sleep apnea can be caused by loose tissue found at the back of the throat. With fast and pain-free Nightlase treatment, we can actually tighten this tissue to open up the airway, leading to better breathing during sleep, more restorative rest, and quieter nights for everyone.

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